Homo ratio

So true dit prentje…. als de mens zou inzien dat hij een dier is net als alle anderen en zou samenleven in plaats van domineren, zou het hier een veel mooiere wereld zijn! Eentje met een beter toekomstperspectief alleszins. Merk ook op dat de vrouw naast de walvis staat :p

Een tijdje geleden heb ik hierover voor een magazine een artikel geschreven. Hieronder volgt het (is wel in het Engels, het was een internationaal magazine).

Homo Ratio

Today I am no longer Homo sapiens sapiens. From now on I am Homo ratio.

And those are two different species. Homo sapiens goes his merry way, without respect for life itself. Homo sapiens does not realize other living creatures and the Earth are suffering to satisfy his needs. Homo ratio on the other hand lives consciously, respects all life, respects the Earth and Mother Nature, has a soul. He realizes he is not more than a mammal who just happens to have a big brain.

Of course, taxonomically, this is not a correct way to define a new species. I am a biologist and I know we cannot decide that there is new human species, without any biological evidence. But it is something to think about. People need to be aware of what the hidden impacts are of the things they do, they need to open their eyes and realize it. Some people already do, and try to proclaim their message to the world. However, there are still too many people living their way on this earth, with no clue whatsoever about what they eat, where their food comes from, what is happening with nature and what the consequences will be for them and their children if they carry on living like this. They don’t realize that other living creatures are suffering to fulfill their personal pleasures. And that is what needs changing. People need to realize, they need to “reason”, use their senses and ratio, and live consciously. People need to become a Homo ratio, instead of a Homo sapiens, and use their sagacious brains to lift themselves to another level.

The positive thing is: Homo ratio is not an official species, so you can become one today, if you decide to do so. Let’s elaborate on how to become a Homo ratio.

  1. Be good to the Earth

A Homo ratio realizes that climate change is not just some fancy word that buzzes around our ears all the time. He realizes that it is happening. And that this generation needs to do something about it. Now don’t go around moaning about how it doesn’t matter what you do, because the rest of the world won’t cooperate. If everyone thinks like that, nothing is going to happen. To change the world, start with yourself, because the thing is, if you visibly change the way you live, other people will catch on. It might even become a trend! Your friends will see it and they will want to do the same (if you make it look cool), then your friends’  friends will want to do the same, and before you know it, you have changed the world. Ah, well, at least an area the size of Yorkshire.

For those of you who haven’t heard enough about climate change already, what you could do to save the Earth, here’s some hints:

–         Don’t buy cosmetics that contain plastic. A lot of the products you use do contain little bits of plastic, even if it doesn’t look like it (for example facial scrubs!). This plastic goes down the drain, and ends up in the ocean. Here it kills tons of animals, who don’t recognize it as a dangerous object and try to eat it. (Animals act surprisingly like human toddlers, in that respect) Some turtles for example, skim the ocean surface for food. They don’t realize those little shiny shimmering things are not food and die after ingesting it. You can check whether your cosmetics have plastic in them on the ingredient list where it says “polyethylene”. If a product has this on the list, don’t buy it. If you want to be sure to buy a plastic-free product, then buy biological cosmetics.

–         Help sort out your recycling at home. Recycling stops re-usable items from ending up in landfill and therefore decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

–         Take public transport, ride or walk whenever you can. You can also ditch that car altogether and catch the bus or train, ride your bike or walk! It is environment friendly and saves you money for fitness or diet plans! By the way, it is scientifically proven that you meet more cuties commuting to work when you go by public transport.

–         Save energy. Put that heating down a notch: if you wear a sweater, I swear it won’t be as cold in the room as you expect. A difference of two degrees already makes for a whole lot of energy saved. Hang your washing on the line instead of putting it in the dryer, so the sun and wind can dry it naturally.

–         Buy energy efficient appliances. When buying a new electrical appliance, look for ones with higher energy efficiency ratings – they’ll reduce your bills and carbon pollution.

–         Drive economically. You get more mileage out of a gallon of fuel by servicing your car regularly, driving in the right gear, not speeding and opening your window instead of using the airconditioning.

  1. Be good to all living creatures

Now, I realize this may sound a little buddhistic, but you don’t need to become one to live up to this. Just ask yourself: why would you want to hurt innocent individuals indirectly? Allright, if a mosquito bites you, I understand you would want to kill it. But what harm has a dog done to you, so that it has to endure pain its entire life in a cold lab, just so that you can have a shampoo that makes your hair looks shiny? It sounds quite harsh if you put it like that, but it’s the truth!  Be aware of the fact that animals are still used for experiments, not only for life saving medication but also for soap that doesn’t sting when it hits your eyes and stupid stuff like that. I am pretty sure you don’t want animals to suffer just for that purpose, so please only buy products that have a label on them that says they’re not tested on animals. Always keep in mind that animals have feelings and a mind, too.

Furthermore, a lot of Homo sapiens out there buy animals in shops and from people that pretend to take good care of them, but really they don’t. Often the parents of the animal you buy are locked away in a dark and filthy cage that is way too small, so make sure this is not the case when you buy an animal. When they can’t show you the mother of that cute little doggy you would like to buy, don’t buy it. You might save this cute little doggy, but you are funding the horror of ten thousand other dogs to suffer their whole life through. If you want to have some good tips of how to buy a pet and save the day doing so, I have one very good tip for you: go to an animal shelter! There are lots and lots of animals waiting there for a golden basket, even dog puppies!

So basically, to act like a Homo ratio, you just have to become aware, and be a critic! Check where the stuff you buy originates from by simply reading the labels. Check where it has been to end up at your door. Check what impact buying all these things has on the environment or on other animals. Inform yourself via neutral channels, use your common sense and open your eyes for the truth to make decisions. And last but not least, you need to realize that nature and all living creatures are beautiful beings that deserve respect. Each and every one of them: plants, fungi and animals, are all amazing when you take the time to really look at them.

Denk jij vaak na over hoe je in de wereld staat? Ben jij een Homo ratio of een Homo sapiens sapiens?

Kruidige groetjes,


2 Reacties op “Homo ratio

  1. TOPpost!!! Ik denk inderdaad vaak na over hoe ik in de wereld sta. Ik probeer als een Homo ratio te denken, maar kan niet ontkennen dat af en toe Homo sapiens sapiens nog verschijnt :(. Daar ben ik dan niet trots op. Zo stel ik me bvb. vragen bij het werk dat ik doe. Biotechnologie zou – op gecontroleerde manier – heel wat moois kunnen betekenen voor de mens, zonder de natuur te schaden wanneer verstandig gebruikt. Maar ik vrees dat biotech in realiteit vaak enkel voor de rijken is weggelegd, zodat de kloof tussen arm & rijk enkel groter wordt. Dat is waar ik de laatste dagen veel over nadenk en pieker…

    • Ik moet toegeven dat ik niet zoveel nadenk over de kloof tussen rijk en arm, dan wel over de kloof tussen de verschillende diergroepen en natuurwezens. Op gebied van natuur schaadt biotech de natuur minder dan andere dingen. Ik weet nog dat men het aardappelveld – glad ijs – ging vernielen omdat het ggo’s waren. Men staat er echter niet bij stil dat door pesticiden en dergelijke de genetische eigenschappen van zovele dieren en wezens ook veranderen, ongecontroleerd (in het labo is dat nog gecontroleerd), en dit met nog veel grotere gevolgen. Ik wil hier geen discussie over ggo’s starten, maar denk dat biotech vaak minder schadelijk is dan de andere dingen die in de wereld gebeuren…. Wat mij betreft ben je alleszins een voorbeeld Homo ratio Katy :)

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